zondag 27 augustus 2017


There is 1 week left on the contest and coupon and so far it looks like noone is interested in playing along... even with the birthday freebie...
So I made a dessicion.. I am closing shop.. After the contest closes I am gonna put all my stamps down to 1 available and when they sell they are gone. I am really trying to bring you al fun stamps but it seems like everyone is only interested when they are free.. its even gotten to the point that the etsy fees which really arent bad are costing me more then im getting from the stamps..
I love stamping, coloring and drawing but unfortunatly I am not getting the feedback I was hoping for.. So to keep it fun for me I had to make this choice.
For those of you who have supported me over the +/- 1,5 year I have been open. Thank you from the bottom of my heart it meant the world to me to see people loving my images.
I also want to thank my Design Team they have been my rock this year. 

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