zaterdag 1 juli 2017

July Release!!

Welcome to the July Release!!

Ever since I drew the Elf Huntress Wanda has been asking me for a Male Hunter.
Well actually any male image hahaha...

I promised her I would draw one so here he is! and he is not alone :) He has his wolfy friend with him!
Hunter with Wolf

I am really happy how they turned out and I hope you love him to!

I made a little mixed media project with him:

The other ladies combined the Hunter and Wolf stamp with our second image from this month. Which is a background stamp! 

This one is called Floating Isles, I just love the magical look of this background and it goes with so many stamps I have in the shop!

Just look at these samples all using different combinations!
For the Flower Unicorn, Elf Huntress and Peony Fairy I added some flowers in the grass to blend the images together, to get this merged image buy both single stamps and message me. Then I can e-mail you the pre-merged version with flowers.

Sara colored 2 scenes, 1 with the new Hunter and Wolf(mirrored) and 1 with Tigerlily!
Details here

Wanda colored her hunter in red and an awesome white wolf.
Details here

Nathalie made 1 card with the Flower Unicorn and she made a 3D scene with the hunter.
details here


and I used the Elf Huntress to make this purple sunset piece.
Find the details here

We also had a special junior guest designer this month Skyla (6)
She colored up the floating isles together with the peony fairy.

I think she did a wonderful job at making this fairy look so magical with her rainbow colored dress!

I hope you enjoy this months release!



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