dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Lily Rose or should I say Belle?

Happy Afternoon everyone!

I have spend almost this whole day coloring, and all that time I just colored 1 project!
But it was absolutly worth my time I am really happy with this piece :)
For this project I used:
Lily Rose

Alyce from Kit and Clowder keeps making the most amazing scenes for the create and learn classes every month. 
This class was the december class inspired by Beauty and the Beast. 
And you should know I 💖 Disney!!!

 I used Lily Rose instead of the class image and she trully looks like Belle doens't she!?

When I was creating this stamp I colored her in red and after she was done she got a pink dress on a wedding card but this yellow I would have never thought of if not for the class.

Using different colors can give an image a totally different feel and there are so many options! 
So I hope this inspired everyone to think outside the box, use colors you wouldn't think of the first time seeing an image... The result might suprise you!

Speaking of colors:
I never list the class colors used but this time I actually had to use different yellows because I only had 1 of the mentioned markers.

So the substitute dress colors I used are:
For the golden yellow parts I used: YR27, Y17, Y15, Y21
For the red orange overlay I used: R27, YR07 and Y04
Have a good day and please share your coloring in our facebook group:
Flowers, Feathers and Fairies


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