zondag 27 augustus 2017


There is 1 week left on the contest and coupon and so far it looks like noone is interested in playing along... even with the birthday freebie...
So I made a dessicion.. I am closing shop.. After the contest closes I am gonna put all my stamps down to 1 available and when they sell they are gone. I am really trying to bring you al fun stamps but it seems like everyone is only interested when they are free.. its even gotten to the point that the etsy fees which really arent bad are costing me more then im getting from the stamps..
I love stamping, coloring and drawing but unfortunatly I am not getting the feedback I was hoping for.. So to keep it fun for me I had to make this choice.
For those of you who have supported me over the +/- 1,5 year I have been open. Thank you from the bottom of my heart it meant the world to me to see people loving my images.
I also want to thank my Design Team they have been my rock this year. 

zaterdag 1 juli 2017

July Release!!

Welcome to the July Release!!

Ever since I drew the Elf Huntress Wanda has been asking me for a Male Hunter.
Well actually any male image hahaha...

I promised her I would draw one so here he is! and he is not alone :) He has his wolfy friend with him!
Hunter with Wolf

I am really happy how they turned out and I hope you love him to!

I made a little mixed media project with him:

The other ladies combined the Hunter and Wolf stamp with our second image from this month. Which is a background stamp! 

This one is called Floating Isles, I just love the magical look of this background and it goes with so many stamps I have in the shop!

Just look at these samples all using different combinations!
For the Flower Unicorn, Elf Huntress and Peony Fairy I added some flowers in the grass to blend the images together, to get this merged image buy both single stamps and message me. Then I can e-mail you the pre-merged version with flowers.

Sara colored 2 scenes, 1 with the new Hunter and Wolf(mirrored) and 1 with Tigerlily!
Details here

Wanda colored her hunter in red and an awesome white wolf.
Details here

Nathalie made 1 card with the Flower Unicorn and she made a 3D scene with the hunter.
details here


and I used the Elf Huntress to make this purple sunset piece.
Find the details here

We also had a special junior guest designer this month Skyla (6)
She colored up the floating isles together with the peony fairy.

I think she did a wonderful job at making this fairy look so magical with her rainbow colored dress!

I hope you enjoy this months release!



zondag 25 juni 2017

Wanda's Inspiration Post + Summer Sale

Wanda made an amazing DT project with the Flower Unicorn and this months Create and Learn class from Kit and Clowder!

Please visit her blog here

We also have a SALE this week! Dont miss it!

and next week we have a new release here are the sneak peeks:



vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Sara's DT Project

I want to share with you this amazing project made by Sara.

She used the image Unicorn and Dragon I drew for her. You can find that in the shop here.

Please visit her blog for more pictures and info:



zondag 14 mei 2017

May Release!! Background stamp!

Welcome to the May Release!
In my facebook group I put up a poll with what type of images you all wanted to see.
Background stamps was one of the most requested ideas!

I am in love with waterfalls so this had to be my first background stamp!

I wanted you to have options to go with this stamp so I drew two extra images for this release!

First one is Aiyana, she is a beautifull native girl.
The second one is the Seafairy I drew her for Nathalie because it was her birthday yesterday!


This is the birthday card I made Nathalie:

Details click here!


Sara made a gorgeous project with the background and Aiyana!

I just love the quote she used and her no-line coloring! Find her blog here!


Nathalie made a cute set of shaker cards.

Find her blog here.


Like Sara I also framed my projects the colorings they are 13*18 cm.

To find out all the colors used please click here!

All the stamps can be bought separately or in a bundle:
Waterfall Lagoon
(the bundle will include all single stamps and 2 premerged images)


zaterdag 15 april 2017

Flower Weekend!!

I've been working on the release a long time now and it is finally here!

The Big Flower Release!

And everyone who played along in the Eliza's Birthday coloring contest has a chance to win this release! Winner will be announced Sunday the 16th!

The design team ladies have been working with me to create some awesome samples to show you so it is a big post!!

Here are the new flower fairies and princess!

(the waterlily princess)

Here are 2 cards showing her off
Please click the name below the card to get to the blog post with all the details about the cards :)

Sabrina(me)                                                                   Sara


Wanda                                                                          Sabrina(me)

(based on the grape hyacinth flowers)

          Sara                                                              Nathalie

         Wanda                                                          Nathalie

I also have made 2 stamp bundles with a little discount!
Flower Fairies &

Flower Princesses
Hope you enjoyed this release 💜

Happy easter weekend everyone!!💙



zaterdag 1 april 2017

Unicorns and Dragons

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having fun coloring up the freebie and blog hopping with us!

Today I have a new release for you and there are 3 images this time!!!

Unicorns and Dragons are the 2 favourite magical creatures of Sara's girls.
So for Sara's birthday tuesday I drew her this special image of a unicorn and dragon together :)

Now because I know not everyone likes both I made them as 2 separate images also:

 They can be bought separatly or as a set!! So if you want them all save yourself some money and go with the set!

Here is my card I made for Sara:

and a card using the cupcake dragon:

Flower Unicorn coloring(card isnt done yet)

Wanda made a card with the cupcake dragon also check out her blog:
Wanderful Creations